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Marshall’s Musings

[Marshall, a former investment banker, stayed at the Cherokee House for six weeks between May and July 2013 and interned with Joshua, a credit union, and Selam Technical and Vocational College. He will start Harvard Business School in the Fall.] June 2013 Has it been five weeks already?!? Though it seems like just yesterday I […]

Catching up with Cherokee House

Spring and summer have been hoppin’ here at the Cherokee House! So much so that we are woefully behind in posting about it. Here’s a brief summary to get you up to speed: Mung San Originally hailing from Myanmar/Burma, Mung San was a highly talented intern with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). He was […]

PARTNERS IN ETHIOPIA – Connected in Hope

The Connected in Hope Foundation (CHF), in partnership with the Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association (FWFWCA), supports sixty former fuel wood carriers in the Mount Entoto area of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The women weave scarves or make baskets, but their access to even local markets is limited. Through the internet and print media, CHF […]

PARTNERS IN ETHIOPIA – Onesimus Children Development Association

Onesimus works to rehabilitate street children and reintegrate them with their families; prevent at-risk children from becoming full time street children; and strengthen families to care for their children independently. They currently work with 200 children in the Lideta area of Addis. Interns are involved in teaching and playing with the children, ages 5-16, as […]