[If you have visited Cherokee Gives Back in Addis, then you have most likely visited Salem’s Design, one of our favorite shops in the city. Salem, the founder, and her husband Abraham are our dear friends. So we are pleased to pass on their recent news:]


“We at Salem’s are so excited to share with you that our scarves have made it to…..thanks to the efforts of Full Circle Exchange, who have consistently worked with us for the past year. Our artisans are grateful not only for the employment afforded them but also for the dignity that comes with work. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement.”


Full Circle Exchange recently was able to launch a program with Walmart called Empowering Women Together. Salem’s Designs is now selling scarves in this program, and Macy’s has recently agreed to a similar program and will do the same thing in the near future.


Congratulations to Salem and her artisans on this new market opportunity! Now everybody go shop!

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