Saint Mary’s School visits Ethiopia again

Picture from Saint Mary’s School’s visit to Destiny Academy – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



Once again, Saint Mary School from Raleigh, NC was in the house!! What a great group! See highlights of their time in Ethiopia:


Here is an excerpt from their blog…


Monday, March 17, 2014


Well… let’s just say I woke up this morning a little sore. The harsh reality of being a common white tourist after my short episode of fame last night really hit hard. By fame, I am referring to my time on stage dancing traditional Ethiopian dances like a champ (look out for great vids). I would also like to point out that numerous locals came up to me afterwards and wanted to shake hands with me/ touch my face.


After breakfast came our briefing of the history of Ethiopia paired with a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony performed in our living room. A kind Ethiopian historian named Nahu recited the full history of Ethiopia dating back to 2000 BC (in perfect English, I might add). Meanwhile, the stone pit crackled in the background as our coffee beans were boiled down for the coffee ceremony.


A quick shot of macchiato later, we were headed towards our first destination for the day: Hope Enterprises’ Soup Kitchen. We immediately jumped into various chores: washing dishes, putting injera (spongy bread) on plates to serve, pouring soup, etc. This was a tough morning for all. We witnessed extreme poverty; one token for a plate of injera and bean soup costs around 50 cents. We served around 900 people.


My job was at the serving window of the kitchen. I collected tokens [Read more…]


To read more blog entries from Saint Mary’s time in Ethiopia head on over to their BlogSpot:

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