Meet the New Exchange Students!

Thanks to the Hawkins Scholarship from the PAX student exchange organization, three more Ethiopian high school students have arrived in the U.S. for their junior year. The youth had to complete an application and interview process and demonstrate exceptional academic and English skills, an ability to adapt and an outgoing personality. Meet the 2013-2014 scholarship recipients!

Rediate, Abimelech, Beimnet

Rediate will be living in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Her hobbies include reading books, watching television and listening to music, and she recently started learning guitar. She enjoys drawing and is an aspiring architect. Rediate has been a part of the Science & Technology Club and Charity Club at her school and is active in the youth ministry at her church. During her year abroad, she wants to gain a better appreciation for American history and have the opportunity to share about the history and traditions of her homeland.

Rediate will be in Pennsylvania.

Beimnet will spend her year in Los Osos, California. She likes writing poems, watching television and reading books. She participates in the Charity Club and Girls’ Club at school and has been awarded several special certificates from her church and school. She enjoys playing volleyball and would like to play in the U.S. as well. Beimnet is excited to be exposed to more advanced technologies in the U.S., and she plans to educate Americans on the beauty of Ethiopia’s varied cultures.

Beimnet will be soaking up the rays in California.

Abimelech is on his way to Jacksonville, North Carolina. He likes playing soccer, reading books and watching television, and he has been active in the Math Club at his school. He and his friends also collect clothes and money to give through their church for children orphaned due to AIDS. Abimelech dabbles on the keyboard and would like to learn how to play basketball. He is looking forward to understanding more about America and Americans and teaching his new community about Ethiopia.

Abimelech will be in North Carolina.

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